Slide Ultra Thin
Power Solutions
Lightweight power supply technology for for the manufacturers of
consumer electronics.

Kado works directly with manufacturers to improve their product line
with our thin and light weight power and transformer technologies.

Kado in the news

“Made me say wow”

“Makes even apple cube look clunky”

“essentially the “world’s thinnest wall charger for smartphones”

“It’s so simple and small, and I really want one.”

“The slimmest phone charger we’ve ever seen”



Kado is pioneering the charging standards of tomorrow

Open-up to new ideas. Our innovative, patented technology is being utilized by some of the premier electronics companies including the manufactures of phones, laptops, televisions and much more.

Proven Engineering and Innovation

Kado’s innovation is found within various consumer electronics as well as within our own line of slim and portable charging devices.

Power to us people


In a reality where charging is a must, Kado’s breakthrough, patent-pending technology enables production of ultra-thin, lightweight and exceptionally portable power solutions for electronic devices.

Combining state-of-the-art engineering and advanced production capabilities, Kado offers a new experience of essential products which, until today, has been technologically lagging.


Kado's technology can reduce the size and weight of products and electronics.


Proven technology that is trusted by companies across the globe.


Engineered to meet the highest standards & regulations


Solutions for phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, speakers, GPS, power packs, headphones & more

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