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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Kado different than other chargers?

Kado is using a whole new technology to break-down the power necessary for your device. This enables it to create high-quality power conversion and allows a considerable reduction in the size of your charger.

Just how thin is Kado?

Kado Wallet is 0.19 inches (5mm).
Kado Sleeve is 0.31 inches (8mm).
Pretty cool, right?

Does Kado work like my old charger?

Kado is as efficient as traditional chargers, however its unique patent-pending technology makes it thinner and lighter than all others.

What’s the difference between Kado Wallet and Kado Sleeve?

Kado Wallet is intended for cellphones, tablets and other devices such as portable bluetooth loudspeakers, smartwatches and more.

Kado Sleeve is designed for laptops and a simultaneous charging of an additional device such your cellphone.

How does Kado Wallet connect and charge my cellphone, tablet or other device?

Kado’s cable tip is compatible with Apple Lightning, micro USB and USB C supported devices. Once connected to an electrical outlet, just plug in your Kado charger and it will start supplying it with the required electrical power.

Why does Kado Wallet include two separate units?

Kado Wallet includes a charging unit and a 2.8 feet / 85 cm cable unit. If you require a longer cable, you can easily change the provided cable unit with a longer cable, or any other cable of your choice.

How does Kado Sleeve connect and charge my laptop?

Kado Sleeve is a unique foldable wall charger compatible with laptops requiring up to 70W. Select the accompanying adjustable power tip that fits your laptop. . Then, simply plug the Kado cable in the Kado charger and you’re done.

Which laptop brands work with my Kado Sleeve?

Kado is compatible with most laptop brands and provides electric tips suitable to a wide variety of portable computer.

Is Kado as safe as the original charger I got with my device?

Yes. Kado is fully compliant with the necessary safety requirements and regulations to provide you with a pleasant and safe usage of Kado products.

What countries will Kado work in?

Kado works in any country that uses US or EU types of prongs. This includes:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Central America, South America, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, The Philippines, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and more.

Can I cancel my order?

Sure. Just use our Contact Form. We’ll send you a notification once we get your request.

Want more information about Kado?

Check our Press page or simply contact us here or by phone: +1.347.349.4997

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