Powering the future

With today’s decives incorporating more and more features, we see a future where our technology solves the need to carry external chargers.

The millimetric design attained by our innovations allows us to reduce transformers to previously unimaginable dimensions. This will enable us to make chargers an integral part of every device.

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Innovative I.P

Kado has four patent-pending developments and aligned to meet future trends in the field of charging, such as wireless and quick charging, solving their current reliance on large and heavy transformers.


Kado technology is a ground-breaking patent-pending power transformation process.

This topologype of electric power management eliminated the need for big and bulky components and eliminates issues of space and residual heat.

Our proprietary technology can be implemented in any type of transformer and sized to fit the required dimension.

Kado chargers can be optimized solutions for medical, military, aerospace and industrial charging needs.

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