Tom’s Guides – CES 2017 Day 1 Highlights: The Hottest New Gadgets

Tom’s Guides was one of the first to get a hands on demonstration¬†of Kado at the 2017 CES. After experiencing both the Kado Wallet an Kado Sleeve, Tom Guide’s included Kado as some of the highlights from the conference stating:

Kado impressed us at the first day of CES with a new smartphone charger that can actually fit in your wallet.

Here is a snippet from their full review:

Chunky smartphone and laptop chargers take up a lot of room in our pockets and bags, making a mess of things. Unless you’ve got a Kado charger, that is. The company’s smartphone charger is as thick as three credit cards, but half as long, and power adapter prongs fold out of its back.

Hands-on Impressions: At CES 2017, when I held the Kado smartphone charger in my closed palm, it felt shocking. I’ve got enough space for one in my wallet, and the laptop charger could fit easily into even the smallest pouch in my backpack.

Read the full review on Tom’s Guides.